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2009 MUTCD - Changes since '03 -- Notes from two different conference proceeedings (2008,2010) on the changes incorporated in the 2009 Manual. (PDF file)


A Brief Overview of the Subdividing Process (or Fun With Subdivisions)—Overview of the subdividing process written to train those without expertise in planning.  Written collectively by M.H. Schrader, S. Dollar, and J. Lupton.  (PDF) 


Barricade Permit Ordinance.  Barricade permitting ordinance.  (PDF file)


The Case of the Styrofoam Building: The Unbelievable, But True, Saga of a Small Southern CityPresentation at 2005 Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board.  (PDF file)


Fundamentals of TransportationExcellent open source wikibook.  (PDF) 



Horizontal Curve Layout Spreadsheet -- self-explanatory.  (Lotus 1-2-3)



Library Database-- very user-friendly input and data retrieval.  Text search searches for words from keyword topics or in memo field (NOTE:  this example does not have reports, but data can be printed in the forms) (Microsoft Access)




Model Stormwater Ordinance -- A model ordinance dealing with stormwater management and drainage.  (Microsoft Word)


Moving Vehicle Method.  A primer on the moving vehicle method of calculating volumes and speeds, including adjustment factors. (PDF)


Split Roundabout Design & Analysis, Markham & Broadway, Little Rock, ARLayout and SYNCHRO analysis for proposed split roundabout (aka "hamburger"), April 1997.  (PDF file)


Time and Project Management Database-- A multi-layered time and project management system that allows for several levels of classification.  Allows for monitoring of costs and time by employee, project, funding source, and task.  Contains numerous reports.  Requires a rudimentary knowledge of Microsoft Access to run.  Very powerful and has numerous applications.


Testing Trolley Timing Truthfulness-- A 1989 graduate student statistical test of the headways of a transit line. (PDF file)



Vertical Curve Layout Spreadsheet (Lotus 1-2-3)




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